Lucraft and Luckraft One-name Study

Friday, October 21, 2005

Testaments from London Plague in 1660's ?

I've got copies of two wills of Thomae Luckcrofte, 10th October 1665, and Ellenae Luckcrofte, 13th October 1665. Ellen made her brother, Benjamin Winch, and her sister's daughter, Ann Gooker, her executors, leaving all her estate to Anne. They were both in Stepney.

Thomas, as his wife was still alive, left her as executor. I'm not very good at the indistinct old Latin, but I think they both then died. Were they suffering from the plague?

There was at least one extended family in and around the city at the time, with spellings from Luckcrofte to Luckraft and Lucraft.


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