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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Richard Luccraft – born 1685 Surgeon

Ken Faig in Illinois is my regular correspondent, and is a key resource for Lovecraft. He works closely with the H P Lovecraft history group. As part of this, he sent me last year a page of workings derived from the work of Michael Barker of Stockport about Richard Luccraft, Surgeon.

From the start nearly 25 years ago this man has been in my records, but I have not been able to piece together a set of relationships for his, as he seemed to have moved around a bit. Michael’s paper, which I shall summarise here, suggests some linkages, though not all are yet proven.

We start with a William Lovecraft marrying Joanne Pytt in Loddiswell in 1593, and we think he lived at an as yet unidentified location called Court, and was buried from there at Loddiswell in 1641.

A probable son, John Luccraft, also of Court, baptised 1609, married Grace Stabbe in 1642 in Loddiswell. We think this John was buried in 1689, and his widow Grace was buried in 1695/6, both also at Loddiswell.

It looks as if this John and another John appeared in the Protestation returns of 1641 and the Hearth Tax returns of 1674 for Loddiswell.

In 1647, a Richard Luccraft, son of John Luccraft of Court, is baptised at Loddiswell, and this Richard, recorded as a butcher, married Ann Gruyte at Loddiswell in 1682. The records suggest Ann the wife of Richard died in 1687 at Loddiswell.

On 29th March 1685, at Loddiswell, a Richard Luccraft was baptised. About 56 years later, a Richard, son of Richard Luccraft was buried.

We cannot be sure that these are the same Richards, but it is very possible. In 1711, when he would have been about 26, we think he married Grace Woolcott, the daughter of John Woolcott and Mary Braddicke both of Exeter. At his marriage on 12th October 1711 at Exeter Cathedral, he is noted as a surgeon of Bideford.

Between 1717 and 1719 he moved to Chulmleigh, and in 1741 there is a bond for 100 pounds involving Richard Luccraft of Chulmleigh, surgeon, and Colebrook Parish, though we cannot be sure if this is for him or for a son. In 1742, the year of his death, there is a will proved for Richard Luccraft of Chulmleigh, but like most Devon wills they were destroyed in the blitz.

In the next generation we find a John Luckroft baptised 20th Jun 1722 at Chulmleigh. It appears he trained as a doctor, and went to St Kitts in the West Indies, where he was buried at St George and St Peter Basseterre, on 19th July 17??, and the record shows him as “Dr Jn Leycraft”. The records also show that “he lived with Elizabeth Westcott by the time her two daughters are buried in December 1751”.

For me the fascinating thing about this is that the Nicholas Luccroft that I have as the earliest part of the Lucraft lines, married a Margaret Westcott in Farringdon in 1691. Now Westcott is a fairly common name in Devon, but who knows where the jig-saw leads.


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