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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stonemason's Index

One of the many indices now available is the Stonemasons’ Index, which provided me recently with this list. Three men are from the Aveton Gifford family, and two from Dean Prior. John of Plymouth is the builder whose wife let rooms and who himself went bankrupt with one of his building projects.

LUCKCRAFT, GEORGE & SON, Builders, address 1923: Aveton Gifford-Dev.
LUCKCRAFT, J, b/d NK, Builder, address 1814: Hampton Buildings, Plymouth-Dev.
LUCKCRAFT, John Thomas, b/d NK, Builder, address 1926: Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge-Dev.
LUCKCRAFT, Joseph, b.1834 Aveton Gifford-Dev, Builder & Farmer, address 1881: Village, Aveton Gifford-Dev, 1890: Aveton Gifford, Kingsbridge-Dev.
LUCKCRAFT, Thomas, b.1797 Dean Prior-Dev, Mason, address 1851: Dean Town, Dean Prior-Dev.
LUCKCRAFT, William, b.1836 Dean Prior-Dev. Mason, address 1851: Dean Town, Dean Prior-Dev.


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