Lucraft and Luckraft One-name Study

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lucraft’s delight

Regular readers will remember Lucraft’s delight as a plot of land in Charles County Maryland, belonging to John Lucraft about 1770. Robert Chatham in America has kindly sent me some of his records, looking back at early records, for this man and his land.

The earliest citation found for John is 23rd December 1717 where he is a witness on an indenture from Juliana Price, to Thomas Hussey Luckett gent, for 1s and love for Elizabeth Luckett of a tract of land of about 200 acres on Port Tobacco Creek. In 1733 John is listed in the taxable people, and living in Port Tobacco East Side.

In a deposition of 1762 John states that his age is 83 years, which means he was born about 1679. I cannot identify yet a John in the records of that time. In 1770 we find his probate record, which includes mention of John Chittim, who is a forebear of Robert Chattam who has been doing this excavation of the old records.

A property Assessment for 1783 lists John Chatham as the owner of a parcel of land of 132 acres called Lucraft’s Delight in the 6th taxing district of Maryland.

Robert helpfully provides much more detail, but it is too soon to say where John Lucraft actually fits in.


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