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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Another dismissal

In 1875, just seven years later, Edward Alfred’s second cousin, Lt John Sulivan Luckraft, descended from his dad’s half-brother, also was dismissed from his ship for being incapable of keeping the watch.

The Times of Thursday May 20th 1875 reported:

News from the Channel Squadron states that a court-martial was held on board the Triumph, Captain H D Grant, for the trial of Lieut. John S Luckraft on a charge of being incapable of keeping his watch. The prisoner pleaded guilty, and called upon Captain J D MaCrea, the senior officer at Gibraltar, to speak in his favour. He was sentenced to be dismissed from Her Majesty’s ship Triumph, to be severely reprimanded and to lose two years’ seniority.

John Sulivan Luckraft had been an outstanding junior officer at Dartmouth, and passed with the highest possible marks for navigation. After he left the Navy, he travelled to the Us to be a surveyor for the prospectors, using his navigational skills. He met sometime Jessie Allen the daughter of a minor county family in Somerset, and she travelled out to Colorado Springs in 1888 to marry John.


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