Lucraft and Luckraft One-name Study

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hannah’s Diary 1834

I received a wonderful gift for the archives recently from Mary Outhwaite of Plymouth, whose cousin married a Luckraft. She sent me the year-book of Hannah Luckraft, (nee Stephens), for 1834. Hannah and her husband John Martin Luckraft, who was a joiner and carpenter, kept a lodging house, at 21 Coburg Street in 1846, and other addresses later. They had been married in 1834, and ended their lives in Muteley, being buried at Pennycross. They only had one daughter of whom we know, Ann, born about 1820. The inscription in the fly-leaf suggests Ann gave her the book. In it Hannah notes the rents for some of her lodgers, lists of her friends, events she went to and ships that were launched. John Martin Luckraft was the uncle of Edwin Luckraft, the pawnbroker mentioned elsewhere on the previous page.


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