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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Woodwork in the genes !

There have been many generations of woodworkers in the Lucraft family, in Devon, and in London. John Luckraft was a Master Cooper in the Dockyard at Plymouth in the 1700's. Joseph Lucraft was the cooper in Broadclyst in the early 1800's. Benjamin Lucraft was a woodworker, his son Benjamin was a chairmaker, and his grandson George Sealey Lucraft set up the company of G S Lucraft in London, making furniture.

Now Nigel Lucraft has set up a company making handmade furniture, called Appledore Crafts Company in Bude Street, Appledore. He is GS Lucraft's great great grandson.


  • I have an Honor Edgcumbe Luckraft in my husband's ancestry. Her husband was a George Towry WEST and he is the brother to my husbands, GGGGrandfather Christopher WEST. I do have a family tree of Honor Edgcumbe Luckraft and George Towry WEST. I have seen the WARNE website with the family tree of Luckraft etc. but it does not have anything farther than Honor Edgcumbe born in Maker 1788. I found an obituary of Honor Edgcumbe WEST on the Internet and it mentions that George Towry WEST died in France. The family has noted that he was born in St. Malo in France, but I do not have any documentation to prove this.
    Does any of this sound family to your family?
    Lorne and Judy Anderson
    South Surrey, B.C. Canada

    By Blogger Judy Anderson, at 7:20 PM  

  • I did sent this family tree to Ian Luckraft, but never saw it posted along with the Warne Tree. Is it somewhere on this site, and I just missed it? I have been contacted by a Jeremy West who I believe is connected to our WEST family, and was going to send this Family Tree to him also.
    Honor Edgecembe West is the daughter to John Luckraft Master Cooper and Victualler at the Royal Dockyard in Plymouth, we believe. She died on June 6th. 1846 widow of George Towry West Admiralty Office Somerset House.
    Judy Anderson
    Judy Anderson

    By Blogger Judy Anderson, at 10:09 PM  

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