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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lucrafts in Australia

One of two known early emigrants to Australia was Arthur Lucraft, who settled in Perth, Western Australia, in about 1890, and from whom a family of Lucrafts is descended, now living around the Perth area. One son was a famous doctor in Australia, and the family story of Arthur's beginnings in Australia, with his wife Annie Stephenson, make interesting reading.

Born in Hoxton

Arthur was born in 1867 in Kingsland Road, Hoxton, London. His father, George, is said to have owned a (gas) mantle factory and he is recorded as a chairmaker. George came to London with his parents in the 1830's. George's older brother was Benjamin Lucraft, the Radical reformer.

Coal and Wood Merchant

Arthur first went to America. (Did he meet other earlier emigrants from his Devon family ?) He then emigrated to Australia, where the official obituary lists his rise through the ranks of an evangelical church, until he settled in Freemantle. He became a municipal councillor, and was a well-known merchant and business-man, trading in wood and coal.

Arthur's sister-in-law, Annie Stephenson, in her memoirs, recalls a more colourful young man, with a range of entrepreneurial skills !

Australian in the North Sea

Arthur's eldest child, Harry Stephenson Lucraft, was sent to Edinburgh to study medicine, and volunteered in 1914 to serve in the navy. He served on board destroyers in the North Sea throughout the war, and graduated in 1919 with a first and a string of gold medals. On his return to Australia, he worked in one of the gold towns, and returned to Edinburgh and London for his higher degrees, and studies in tropical medicine. He returned to Australia, and married Gladys Steward of London, in 1926. Eventually he became consultant in cardiology and during the second world war served with the RAAF as medical specialist to Western Command.

Harry and Gladys had two daughters, Pamela and Daphne, who both have families in Australia today

There is a family legend that Annie Stephenson's family is related to George Stephenson, of "Rocket" fame, but the family is slightly sceptical of this.

Harry Goff, great grandson of Arthur, now living in Perth, has helped enormously, being related to all the Perth Lucrafts.


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