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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joseph and Sylvie Lucraft of Iowa

We have reported in previous newsletters (especially no. 10) about Joseph, a “cordwainer”, or shoemaker from Heavitree, Devon, a descendant of the Broadclyst families, and his wife, Sylvie Elphick from Hooe in Sussex. They moved to Iowa in the 1850’s or 60’s we think, and settled there with the children born in England and other children who followed later in America. The Heavitree tree on the website is a very old version, but it shows the people at an early stage of the research. We actually printed a copy of a very faint old photo that the family descendants think is of Sylvie.

Recently I came across a collection of photos, posted by the Brekke family in the Ancestry website for genealogists, which showed many of the family members. I’m sure this new family will have some interesting stories to tell. In the meantime, and before the tree is updated, here are some of the photos. The first shows Joseph Eastman Lucraft, born 1821, sitting in the back of a car in Scranton Iowa about 1904, with George Henry Millington, born 1850.

The five daughters in the picture above are (l to r):

· Sarah Jane Lucraft, born 1859 Hooe, (m Rust),

· Lydia Alice Lucraft, born 1857 Whitewater Wisconsin, (m Millington),

· Florence Belle Lucraft, born 1866 Oregon, Illinois, (m Pringle),

· Elsie May Lucraft, born 1868 Illinois , (m Cressler),

· Kathryn Leora (Kate) Lucraft, born 1871 Illinois (m Hall).

There were other children, some of whom died in childhood, and some of the children may have been from a previous marriage of Joseph’s which may explain some inconsistencies in the dates.

I have now heard from the Brekke Family and there will be work to do on bringing the details together.

Ted Brekke who has replied, says that the photos came from albums owned by Florence, in the middle of the phot below, but there is a degree of uncertainty about who is who in some of the photos. Maybe we can help with the records.


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