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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trial of Richard Nicholson

This Old Bailey court record on 29 May 1828, about a lad who stole some property from James Newton, is about the same John Newton that appears in the next blog story below.

RICHARD NICHOLSON was indicted for breaking and entering the warehouse of James Newton, on the 23d of May, and stealing 4 stone bottles, value 6s. and 2 wooden bound casks, value 2s., his property .

GEORGE STAKER. I am in the employ of James Newton, a wine and brandy merchant - his warehouse has no communication with the house, and does not join it - it is not a warehouse, but vaults; they are in Aldgate High-street. On the 23d of May, about half-past eight or nine o'clock in the morning, I went to the vaults, and was informed a lad had been taken with some bottles; I found the prisoner in custody with four stone bottles, with master's name on them - there was a space in the vault where four had been taken from - I had not noticed the vacancy the day before.

PATRICK GARVAY. I am a patrol. On the 23d of May, about half-past five o'clock in the morning, I saw the prisoner on Tower-hill, with four stone bottles; I asked if they were for sale - he said they were, and that he had got them from John Williams, of No. 17, Somerset-street; I took him to the watch-house, and went to Somerset-street; no such person lived there; seeing Mr. Newton's name on the bottles, I went there - his cellar is in the City. I know nothing about any casks.

THOMAS OBORNE. I asked the prisoner how he came by the bottles; he said a lad left them with him while he went to look for a shop to sell them, and he lived at No. 17, Somerset-street.

Prisoner's Defence. A lad asked me to mind them while he went down Rosemary-lane.

GUILTY . Aged 17. Whipped and Discharged .

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey Ref: t18280529-42


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